Steps to New Freedom

Admission Application for Approved VA Participants


Thank you for your interest in the Steps to New Freedom program!

Please complete the following form before your scheduled evaluation.

Before doing so, there are important issues you must understand and agree with before submitting your application.

  • Upon your release you must agree to remain in the program for no less than four months.
  • You must be seen at Agape Psychological Services upon arrival and at least monthly thereafter. This applies to all residents. Details for sex offenders are outlined in the "Special Agreement" portion of the application.

If you find these conditions and those listed in the application as acceptable, you may then submit your application. We will contact your facility to schedule a telephone interview only after we have reviewed your application and wish to consider you for acceptance.

Dr. Robert Hemenway
Executive Director STNF

210 Marsh Avenue, Suite 100
Reno, NV 89509
Phone (775) 322-4003 Fax (775) 322-4017

I have read this letter and application thoroughly and accept the terms and conditions.